Pests are repelled using ultrasonic and sonic sounds to create a noisy, hostile environment for the pests but safe for human and domesticated animals.

Ultrasonic electronic pest and insect repellent devices claim that their high frequency sound waves are intolerable to rodents and insects.

Trapping : Non Chemical Control

The best options available today are the Rat Glue Traps which can be used indoors to capture mice and Rats. We as a professional Pest management Company have services and products to help citizens solve this problem for a better environment.

There are several advantages for using rat glue traps:

  • Safer than potential hazardous poison baits.
  • Quick, immediate results and it allows the user to confirm if the rat was killed.
  • Easy disposal of dead rodents avoiding odor problems that will occur if rodenticides kill rodents in inaccessible areas.

Baiting : Chemical Control

Another popular method is use of Baits to allure them, which is responsible for slow death of rats.

Rat poisons or Baits should never be purchased from local hardware stores, feed stores, discount stores, etc. Do not buy unlabeled rat poisons from street vendors or other uncertain sources.

Ideally the job of rats and rodent control should be done by professional and trained pest control operators, as it involves handling of toxic materials.

  • Glass Surface 100%
  • Plain finished walls 80 to 90%
  • Rough finished walls 60 to 70%
  • Wooden Surface 60 to 70%
  • Gunny bags/Corrugated boxes 25 to 30%


    Sound Reflection: (Most Important)

    The area where the machine is installed should have at least three surface i.e. celling, side walls and floor to have the maximum bouncing/reflection of sound waves. Partitions reduce the effective area of the unit, the machine be directed towards any hard-surface for maximum bouncing effect. The reflection of sound waves vary from surface to surface.

    Area Covered will depend on the following

    • The interior layout of the place.
    • Style/systems of storage.
    • The content of storage.
    • The cleanliness of area etc.


    • Harm less to humans and most pets.
    • Clean and Safe
    • No toxic chemicals or messy traps, Compact and handy.
    • Easy to install.
    • Negligible power consumption
    • Can operate 24 hours non-stop.
    • Different from medicines smoke/door without the fear of second pollution.