Ants can pose a danger to you, crawling all over your home and office in their search for food, spreading diseases and causing destruction to your premises if left unattended. You should stop the infestations as soon as you notice it, as the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of the ants. Once they build a colony in the walls of your home or office, it can be very difficult to exterminate them.

Spraying individual ants with pesticide DOES NOT work. It is not effective and does not solve the root of the problem.

To gain successful control of infestations, the species of ant would need to be identified, and survey of premises to ascertain main source or nesting areas and access points.

Some sites may need to consider regular prevention measures to protect from future infestations.

Ant prevention, treatment, and controlĀ  Methods for treating ants will vary depending on the situation, i.e. extent of infestation, building structure and external surrounds.